Bellyrama Family Yoga Festival Location

BLOOMA NASHVILLE’S annual  BELLYRAMA  family yoga festival is a sweet celebration of mamas, dads, Capitol Mall State Park Amphitheater Nashvillebirth, bellies, babies, and the family + friends who love them! It takes place downtown, in Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park.

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How to Find the Family Yoga Festival

This FREE event takes place DOWNTOWN in the Bicentennial State Park Capitol amphitheater. That’s across from the Nashville Farmer’s Market, down the hill from the State Capitol.

Be sure to note: We’re talking about BICENTENNIAL park, DOWNTOWN. (NOT Centennial Park in Midtown! So easy to confuse, we know!)

All About the Downtown Bicentennial State Park Amphitheater

Here’s a great summary of the Bellyrama venue, from the Franklin/Nashville Fun Times Guide:

  • Bicentennial Capitol Mall is located at 600 James Robertson Parkway, Nashville TN 37243.
  • The amphitheater is located just north of Harrison Street, between 6th and 7th avenues.
  • There is plenty of FREE parking all around the park, including along 6th and 7th, and in a parking lot off 6th near Harrison.
  • Restrooms are located under the train trestle.
  • The Nashville Farmers Market is across the street from the amphitheater, on 7th.
  • Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park was ranked as Nashville’s #1 Tourist Attraction and named by Great Places in America as one of the greatest “Public Spaces” in 2011. So plan to stick around after Bellyrama!
  • It’s stroller-friendly with plenty of room for kids to walk and play.
  • Check the Bicentennial Mall website for more special events!
Stars mark the spot! Join us in the Capitol Mall State Park, in the amphitheater, across from the downtown Nashville Farmer's Market.

Stars mark the spot! Join us in the Capitol Mall State Park, in the Bicentennial amphitheater, across from the downtown Nashville Farmer’s Market.