At Blooma Nashville, we offer childbirth classes to build your confidence for birth. Wondering how you’re going to get through birth? Our positive, evidence-based perspective will help you identify and reduce your concerns. Feel like you barely have the time or energy to process that you’re pregnant? Our classes honor your time, and set your mind and heart at ease. Classes in the Blooma Childbirth Education Program are led by experienced teachers who are established birth professionals in Nashville. With each class, you will be warmly welcomed into a community of expecting parents. Learn valuable tools to gain confidence for the experience of birth, and connect more deeply with your partner.

Blooma Birth Series
Blooma Birth Express
Blooma Couples Birth Intensive

4th Trimester Postpartum Prep
Blooma Breastfeeding Class
Blooma Couples Birth Intensive
Big! Sibling Prep


Which class is right for you + your partner?

The Blooma Birth Series: 4-week session, 3 hours each class. Build your birth confidence, ease your worries, and learn the latest evidence-based information to prepare you for birth. Along the way, you may feel a deeper trust with your partner and make helpful, friendly connections with other new parents.

The Blooma Birth Express Class:  Busy schedule? We expertly adapt the Blooma Birth series into a one-day immersion. Evidenced-base preparation for the birth process. Great connection with your partner. Ideal as a refresher course, too.

The Blooma Couples Birth Intensive: A 3-hour immersion. An excellent complement to the Birth Class or Birth Express, the perfect refresher course, or a truly last-minute option if you realize you need more prep than you planned on. (No judgment. We understand these things happen!)

The Blooma Breastfeeding Class: A 2-hour class. The breastfeeding relationship begins immediately after birth, and this class gives you and your parenting partner a great foundation of breastfeeding essentials.

4th Trimester Postpartum Prep: A 2-hour class. Attend this class before birth. Gain useful tools for your “New Parent Toolbox,” including how to calm a fussy baby, how to help baby sleep longer, and how to manage your own energy.

Big! Sibling Prep: A 1-hour class. Welcoming another child to the family can be a challenging transition for little ones, as parents naturally give their attention to the pregnancy and the new baby on the way. To help you stay connected with your “big kid” and prepare to meet your new arrival together, this workshop offers child-friendly songs, books and activities to introduce the idea of a growing family.

Get smart about birth. 

Take your pregnancy journey with Blooma Nashville and get smart about birth! Enroll in the Blooma Birth Series or Express during the month of April and then save 25% off one of our other prep courses: Blooma Birth Intensive, Blooma Breastfeeding, 4th Trimester Postpartum Prep, or Big! Sibling Prep.

Just need a refresher course for birth? Enroll in the Couples Birth Intensive, and then save 25% off Blooma Breastfeeding, Postpartum Prep, or Big! Sibling Prep.

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