Childbirth Classes + Breastfeeding Education

Blooma Nashville childbirth classes and breastfeeding classes are led by educators who are dedicated and knowledgeable. You’ll immediately sense their deep commitment to birth and babies! Whether you are birthing your first baby or your third, we have a class that suits your schedule, needs, and style.  ::  View the schedule

Childbirth classes at Blooma Nashville build your confidence for birth. You’ll learn how to navigate your birth process from a positive, evidence-based perspective. Discover how that helps you identify and reduce your concerns and fears. Our classes honor your time, and set your mind and heart at ease. Classes in the Blooma Childbirth Education Program are evidence-based and led by experienced teachers who are established birth professionals in Nashville. With each class, you will be warmly welcomed into a community of expectant parents.

Read about our childbirth classes and breastfeeding educational offerings below, and see our online schedule for full listings and dates. Clients on the Blooma Pass save 10% on all birth and breastfeeding education!

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 Childbirth Classes on a Convenient Schedule

We totally respect the demands on your time — work, prenatal visits, the to-do list to prepare for baby. Blooma Nashville childbirth classes are nurturing, informative, fun and efficient. We offer three class formats for childbirth prep, and a breastfeeding class:

  • The Blooma Birth Class — 4-week session, 3 hours each class. Ideal for connecting with your partner, creating community, building confidence, easing fears, and learning the latest evidence-based information to prepare you for birth.
  • The Blooma Birth Express Class — A condensed course offered as two 3.5-hour classes or a one-day immersion. Evidenced-base preparation for the birth process. Great connection with your partner, especially if you keep a busy schedule or just need a refresher course.
  • The Blooma Birth Intensive — A 3-hour immersion. The perfect refresher course, an excellent complement to the Birth Class or Birth Express, or a truly last-minute option for those who waited a little longer than planned to sign up for a full course. (No judgment. We understand that these things happen!)
  • The Blooma Breastfeeding Class — A 2-hour class. The breastfeeding relationship begins shortly after birth, and this class gives you and your parenting partner a great foundation of breastfeeding essentials.


Childbirth Classes in a Welcoming Environment

Our Blooma Nashville childbirth classes take place in our nurturing, professional yoga studio space. And it’s easy to grab a bite to eat before or after class with great restaurants nearby. Farm Burger, Salt & Vine and Flip Burger are within walking distance. Avo, Bajo Sexto, Calypso Cafe, Coco’s and many more are within a 5 minute drive.


Who Should Attend Childbirth Class & When?

Blooma Nashville childbirth classes are intended for the expectant mother and her support person. Your support person can be your birth partner, parenting partner, spouse, family member, or doula.

We recommend that you attend childbirth class between 27 and 36 weeks. But if your schedule doesn’t allow for that, we encourage you to attend a class when you can. A little earlier or a little later is much preferred over not attending at all! Ideally, you’d check the schedule and enroll for class when you’re around 20 weeks pregnant, to be sure that space is available in the class you’d like to attend.

If you find yourself in a scheduling pinch, please give us a call. Sometimes, we’re able to add a class to the schedule, or we may have a class in the works that isn’t yet posted on the registration site.


What Blooma Nashville Childbirth Classes Cover


  • The Blooma Birth Class

4 weeks of evidenced-based birth information and insight for you and your partner. This complete childbirth education course prepares you for birth in the hospital, at a birth center or at home. The class builds confidence and reduces fear. From common interventions to labor comforts, the need-to-know details about birth are shared in a positive, interactive, nonjudgmental setting. With this class, you’ll get clear about your preferences for birth, discover how to make the most of your birth, and learn to navigate the birth process.


  • The Blooma Birth Express Class

Looking for complete, evidence-based birth information, but have limited time? This is your class. You and your birth partner will gain confidence, learn about the birth process, practice comfort measures, and address concerns. The class is presented in a condensed 1-day format (7 hours total).

  • The Blooma Birth Intensive

This class delivers as your ‘crib notes’ for birth. Perfect as a refresher course for experienced parents, as a complement to the Blooma Birth Class or Bloma Birth Express, or as a last-minute review, the class includes comfort measures, yoga for birth, and communication techniques to get you and your partner connected on “Team Baby!

  • The Booma Breastfeeding Class

Some mama-baby duos take to breastfeeding with ease, yet for most, there’s a learning curve. This 2-hour class gives you a foundation of knowledge and skill for your breastfeeding experience. Shared in a supportive, encouraging way, this evidence-based class will boost your confidence, ease your fears, and give you guidance on where to turn when you need support.

The Blooma Nashville Childbirth Educators

Andrea Hewitt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a doula and an educator to the Blooma Birth Program. Blooma Nashville Studio Director Jennifer Derryberry Mann blends yoga and birth basics in the Blooma Birth Intensive class. And certified lactation consultant Leslie Severns shares her dedication, good humor and postpartum doula insight in the Blooma Breastfeeding Class.

Meet the educators here, and check the schedule for childbirth classes and breastfeeding classes to prepare you for your birthing day.

Andrea draws on 25 years of experience in higher education, and is a deeply dedicated birth doula. Trained through Lamaze International, Andrea is a resource of support for many local doulas and birth workers in Nashville.

Jenni blends more than a dozen years of yoga teaching with her training in labor support, childbirth education, and leading women’s circles. Her passion for supporting families through birth and new-parenthood led her to open Blooma Nashville in 2014.

Leslie is known for her grounded, calming presence. She’s a certified lactation consultant, and continues to deepen her knowledge and training as she works toward her International Board Certified Lactation Consultant certification. Leslie is a beloved labor and postpartum doula and prenatal yoga teacher in Nashville.

Questions? Please feel welcome to call the studio at 615-797-8064, or email Studio AT Full course descriptions and registration is available online.