What happens when a Crossfit-lovin mama gives birth? If you’re Brittany Anderson, you bring Birthfit to Blooma Nashville!

Brittany is a women’s health nurse practitioner, doula, prenatal yoga teacher, a Level 1 Crossfit coach, and a BirthFit regional director. One of her greatest passions is helping women get their sweat on through motherhood. Which makes her the perfect Birthfit Postpartum instructor. We’re thrilled to offer this series at Blooma!

What is Birthfit?

Now that you’ve brought a baby into the world, it’s time to restore your body, mind and soul. Birthfit is a movement dedicated to helping expectant and postpartum moms take charge of their bodies. As a new mom in this 4-week, 8-session group training series, you’ll establish a solid core foundation, wake up your backside (technically, your ‘posterior chain’) and enhance your posture through safe, effective functional movements. The result? Feeling stronger for your everyday life tasks.

“In my experience, Crossfit and Blooma share a sense of community,” Brittany says. “If there’s ever a time that you need support, it’s through pregnancy and postpartum. This series is the perfect place for women to reestablish the connection with their core and pelvic floor — as well as connect with new moms.”

What to Expect When You’re Birthfit

The class (just a little over an hour long) starts with breathing techniques, focusing on connecting movement to breath. The practice re-establishes the strength in your core and the pelvic floor, preparing the way to progress into squats and pushups.

When can you attend?

For all postpartum classes at Blooma, we recommend tuning in to your body and checking in with your care provider for clear guidance on when to return to your workout. Many new mamas start Birthfit as soon as 5 weeks postpartum. The 6-week postpartum visit is a common milestone for getting back into your workout groove. And for more challenging birth experiences — a tough delivery, significant tear, or Cesarean-section — waiting a few more weeks is recommended.

How long after birth is postpartum? We take an expansive view. If you’ve birthed, you’re postpartum! The class is especially beneficial for new moms in the first year after birth, though we welcome you at any point that you feel called to reconnect with your core, breath and pelvic floor.

Non-mobile babies are always welcome in the class with you, but it’s important to know that this is not a mommy-and-me class. Moms, YOU are the center of attention here! Check with us about the possibility of childcare if your baby prefers constant attention or is older and on the move. We may be able to arrange on-site care for a fee through Sitting Made Simple, or Blooma’s own childcare team.

Ready to Sign up?

The Blooma Nashville Birthfit Postpartum series starts on July 31st and meets twice a week from 2:00-3:15pm on Monday and Wednesday. The goal is to complete the entire series of 8 classes to help you regain (and even improve upon) your pre-pregnancy strength in your new postpartum body. Sign up here.