Challenge Yourself with March Madness!

Go for the win and try something new at Blooma Nashville this month! We’re all about self care and mindfulness … and sometimes a little friendly competition is just what you need to get back on track! That’s why you’re invited to join in our March Madness challenge for a chance to win a free massage.

Get Your Challenge Card

Pick up your personal Challenge Card at the front desk. You’ve got the month of March to complete 7 out of 10 challenges! Think of it as your favorite to-do list, challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone, try something new, and push yourself just the right amount. Finish your challenges and turn in your card by March 31: You’ll be entered to win a free massage — the perfect way to celebrate your winning month!

The challenges are completely within your reach — you just gotta stretch a little! Pick from challenges like:

  • Taking a class before 9 am
  • Take a class on the weekend
  • Introduce yourself to another student in your class
  • Come to a class you’ve never tried
  • … and a few other great ones to choose!


There’s Only One Catch

The only catch to this competition? Just one challenge can be checked off per visit! So if you go to Carson’s 6:30am Tuesday vinyasa class for the first time ever, that’s counts as ONE challenge — take your pick of new teacher, new class, or earlybird … but not all three. 🙂

You can only check off one item per visit, and you must get the instructor to sign your card and date it. Pick up your card TODAY, because there’s no back-dating your accomplishments!. (goodness, y’all are clever!)

Enter to Win by March 31st

Seven challenges complete? Turn in your card at the front desk before our last class ends on March 31st. We will announce the winner of a free massage on April 1st.

Game on!