Last week I visited with Josh Breslow from WKRN about what it’s like to start a business in Nashville. We talked for about a half-hour, and he got to peek in on one of our sweetest, most important classes: BYOBaby Yoga for new parents & their babies. Josh was so easygoing, fun to talk with … and he might have developed a case of baby-fever. That BYOBaby class is seriously cute!

I’m excited about the story and hope that it airs, because it’s a positive perspective on growth in Nashville. Mostly, we hear about the downside, right? And of course I totally hope that Blooma gets to be included in the on-air spot. Some of the BYOBaby mamas are excited about being famous 🙂

Mom-brain is real!
But I have to admit: Ever since Josh and I talked, my neurotic mom-brain has been on overdrive: In our 30 minute chat, did I manage to say even one coherent sentence?! In a decade of parenting, I’ve discovered mom-brain, pregnancy-brain, hormone-brain – they are all so real, and apparently lifelong once you’re in the motherhood!

Since my girls are older, I don’t struggle (as much) with sleep deprivation like we all do with infants. But still. I was solo parenting all week, the kiddos got the flu, and we might have set a record for the number of subbed classes here at the studio. Momlife at its chaotic usual!

At one point in our chat Josh asked me if bringing Blooma to Nashville was my dream. The answer is a huge YES, but for a second I just sat there. The answer is so obvious – like, Do you love your baby? Definitely! But also, the answer has layers for days. I always say that Blooma Nashville is the third child in our family. We love it unconditionally. Sometimes we wish we could put it in timeout. The highs are high, and the lows usually happen on days when you’re solo parenting, the kids have the flu, and someone wants you to talk about it on TV.

Blooma is here for you.
So I have no idea what, if anything, will make it onto WKRN. I begged Josh to please pick 30 seconds that actually made sense and where I’m not doing anything weird with my hands. Or face. Or mombrain. Whatever happens, what I really want to say about Blooma Nashville is this:

I am so glad that you are here, and part of this vibrant community of Nashville families. This space is so much more about YOU than it is about those of us who teach here. The way you show up for each other, swap phone numbers, set up playdates, become lifelong friends – that makes our collective heart sing! It’s an honor to see you in class, and to share in part of your journey through pregnancy, mothering, and self-care. When you send us baby announcements, we treasure the news of your little ones. When you share how yoga showed up in your birth, or that something you heard from another Blooma mama or teacher helped you in the long middle of a sleepless night, we are so encouraged. Blooma is here for you, to give you a lifeline. Blooma is here to share love, and tons of connection on this magical, spiritual, amazing and challenging trip through motherhood. We love you. We’re grateful for you. And I dearly hope that comes through in our classes – even if I’m all bloopers on TV.

So much love from Blooma Nashville!