In Kids Yoga at Blooma Nashville, the fun is undeniable. Laughter, soothing oms, and the sound of kiddos imitating their favorite yoga animal are all part of the mix. Yoga poses, community, and greater yogic lessons make for an awesome hour! Blooma Kids yoga teachers are masterful at keeping little yogis engaged – and weaving in essential teachings like truthfulness, mindfulness, and the sense of community that comes from a shared yoga practice.

To help your kiddo fully enjoy their yoga experience, here are a few pragmatic things you can do:

  • POTTY FIRST. Ensure your child goes to the bathroom right before class. We’ve learned that once the “potty train” gets going during class, it’s hard to stop! We end up spending more time trucking to the toilet than we do on the yoga mat! Plan to arrive a few minutes early so there’s time to help your child settle in.
  • STICK AROUND. Remain with your kiddo until the teacher welcomes them into the studio. That helps us get a safe, happy start to each class.
  • COME BACK SOON. Please return to the studio at least 5 minutes before the end of your child’s class so we can have a peaceful end to our time together. We’ve seen kiddos get plenty anxious when they realize their parent or guardian isn’t ready and waiting to greet them after class. (If you’re attending an adult yoga class while your child is in kids yoga, know that we strive to finish up the adult class a few minutes before kids yoga lets out. That way, you and your child both can breathe easy as your yoga date comes to an end!)
  • SHARE IN THEIR PRACTICE. At home, ask your child to show you a favorite pose from their class. Join them in the pose, and you have the beginnings of a shared, lifelong practice together!

Click here for our kids yoga schedule. We’ve also got yoga camps for kids!