Got a movement goal? Join the 30-day Blooma movement challenge. Move more. Feel better. Breathe deeper. Shine brighter!  The Challenge begins Monday, January 21, 2019.

You’ve got intentions. We’ve got a community of support waiting for you. And it’s simple to participate:

  1. Click here to SIGN UP for the challenge. Attend as many classes as you can from Monday, Jan. 21 through Tuesday, Feb. 19 … full moon to full moon — let’s illuminate the positive! You can join at any time.
  2. We’ll ADD YOUR NAME to the leaderboard in the studio.
  3. You SET YOUR GOAL for the number of classes you aim to attend.  (Whatever number you come up with, consider dialing it back a bit — maybe cut it in half. Set yourself up for success!!)
  4. Track your SUCCESS on the leaderboard. (Yep, we’ve made ya a huge star chart of awesomeness!)
  5. EARN POINTS for participation, setting goals, and bonus challenges along the way. You’ll earn bragging rights and possibly a treat from Blooma!


  • Everyone who signs up will be entered to win a prize.
  • Earning bonus points will give you a chance to win another random giveaway (or two!).
  • Earn the most points in the challenge, and get a gift from Blooma!

So many reasons! What’s topping our list?

Accountability. Prioritizing movement. Creating community. Feeling better. Feeling awesome. Better circulation. Trying new classes. Self-care. Peace of mind. Stronger body. Creating new habits. Best life. Wanna win! Love and light. Inspiration. Motivation. Intention. Connection. Sweat. Love. LOVE! What’s YOUR reason?

There’s no additional fee for the Challenge. Just pay for your classes or use your membership. We recommend the always-amazing value of the monthly unlimited auto-renew pass: $89/month for unlimited classes (auto-renew contract, cancel anytime with 10-days notice.)

If you prefer to pay as you go class-to-class, use the code JAN2019 to save 10% on single-class drop-ins or a 10-class pass.

Just REPLY to this email, and ask away! Our intention is for this challenge to be simple, fun, and successful for you!