It is its own small rite of passage in the first year of new motherhood. A tough moment, or 12 of them, comes along & someone tags you on social to encourage you: The days are long, but the years are short. The sentiment is a frequent one (so many!), and on the wrong day, the advice is far from helpful.

But oh, the truth of it.

Whether you’ve been parenting 10 months or 10 years, the moments matter. Catch the eye of a mama a little further along in her parenting journey and you’ll see it on her face: Don’t wish this away. All these beautiful moments. Sweet moments. Painful ones. Tender. Heartbreaking. Heart-opening. Disgusting. Revealing. Exciting. Loving.

There is so much treasure in the highs and lows of mothering. Like my young daughters tell me: Mistakes are how we learn. One mistake after another, I have learned to be a mama. One who forgives, practices compassion, cultivates curiosity, courts love. One who succeeds a little, fails a lot, tries again most of the time, gives up once in awhile. One who loves herself, and her mama.

In yoga, motherhood, life (all the same, really), I learn to go slower: moment to moment, breath to breath. In that dreamy, reflective space, you can catch the moment, and make it a memory. Here are a few of ours, from Blooma, with love.
xoxo, jenni derryberry mann


Love Letter to a Trip, a Mom, a Life

{by Claire McKeever-Burgett, prenatal yoga teacher, barre teacher}

Claire + Mom Susan

Dear 35/65 birthday trip with my mom,

You were a dream come true.
You were playful and relaxing and interesting and informative, full of listening and learning and holding and loving.

You were wide open like the Texas landscape we walked and warm like the sun in which we basked. You were sweet like the caramel cheesecake we devoured in bed while watching a rom com and hilarious like the SUV limo that we had all to ourselves taking us around Texas wine country.

You were hard to say goodbye to because when you love not just a trip but, more, a life and the life that gave you life (and still does in so many ways), it’s bound to be hard. Love is always a mixed bag of terror and delight all at once.

Perhaps what you taught me more than anything, dear 35/65 birthday trip with my mom, is precisely that.

So as I said goodbye to you and therefore to my mama, I took a deep breath in through the nose, releasing out through the mouth, a litany of grace and gratitude, just like our lives as mothers and daughters have always been, will always be.

With love, wth grace, with gratitude,

Strength of a Woman

{by Carson Morris, flow yoga teacher}

I’ve never once questioned the strength of a woman thanks to those who have raised me.

I have always been surrounded by fiercely independent, strong willed, eager women (like my grandmother, Mary Morris) who had a vision for what they wanted out of life and ran with it. They make me proud to be the woman I am and continue to become.





Winning Last Place

{by Megan Xidas, Lead Yoga Teacher, prenatal, vinyasa, BYOBaby, meditation}

I have a lifetime of amazing memories with my Mom and Grandmothers. The most recent memory takes the cake I think. My 93-year-old Gram wanted to walk the Rock n’ Roll Country Music 5K this year.

For the last 7 years Gram has witnessed our family run the 1/2 and full marathon with such patience and excitement. This was her year, and we were lucky to be her groupies. She cannot see because of macular degeneration in her eyes, so my sisters and I took turns leading her through the course.

We totally rocked last place!

My sisters, brother-in-law to be, me, Gram and my Mom all walked hand in hand to cross the finish line at 1 hour and 41 minutes. Dena Mannos, 93 years young! Everyone was erupting with praise and amazement around us. My Mom and I felt all the emotions as we walked her across that line on either side of her. She is inspiring to say the least.

As soon as we finished the race, she said, “Alright, when do we sign up for next year?!”


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