Wellness Mood 2Blooma Nashville offers excellent massage care. Treat yourself to a nourishing, rejuvenating session in our beautiful studio with care providers who are trained to meet your specific needs. From prenatal to postnatal to therapeutic massage for all life stages, book your session today to experience the relief and joy that self care can unlock.


Our massage therapists are knowledgeable and experienced in prenatal and postpartum massage. Find relief from discomfort in prenatal or postnatal stages, chronic pain triggered during pregnancy, or simply overall stress relief and relaxation. Come feel the benefits of therapeutic touch.
60 minute massage, $85  //  90 minute massage, $115


Though our studio specializes in prenatal + postnatal care, our massage therapists are trained to support women and men in all stages of life. Healthy, healing touch eases the daily stresses of life that build over time. Support your overall well-being with the benefits of therapeutic touch.
60 minute massage, $85  //  90 minute massage, $115


This non-invasive massage technique helps guide the internal abdominal organs into proper alignment for a greater sense of well-being. The technique relieves physical and emotional congestion in the belly for both women and men. Common applications of Maya Abdominal for women include easing pelvic pain, easing difficult periods, supporting fertility, healing from a Cesarean, and improving digestive function. Learn more about Maya Abdominal massage here.
90 minute initial visit, $125  //  75 minute follow-up Maya massage, $110

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