Got a self-care wishlist that includes less stress, more happiness, greater acceptance, looking younger, feeling better, clearing your brain fog and staying healthy? Then you’re gonna want to sit down for this. Specifically, you’re gonna want to sit down for meditation.

Our brains are working overtime to manage distraction, overwhelm and busy-ness. Finally, the life lessons and research are sinking in: Slowing down is good medicine.

Grounding Meditation Circle

Blooma Nashville teachers Megan Xidas and Melissa Shah have created a Meditation Circle to help you start a meditation practice and keep it going.

Megan has been meditating for 8 years and teaching for 5. Her yoga classes are known for their blissful, open-hearted vibe. Megan’s meditation practice is a huge part of what makes that possible. “Finding the space to breathe and focus our attention can be life changing,” she says, “especially in a world with lots of distractions.”

Melissa found her connection to meditation by practicing yoga from a young age with her family. She was taught to focus on self-reflection, which is an early form of meditation. “I always thought yoga was my meditation, as I’m very focused during yoga,” Melissa says. Throughout college, she would do the physical practice and breathing practice — but she’d skip out on a specific meditation practice. With her move to Nashville and a full teaching schedule, she’s created a regular meditation practice for herself.

What Does Meditation Look Like?

Meditation offers so many benefits for brain and body. But finding the time and figuring out what to do can be yet another stressor in a challenging day. Creating a simple, consistent routine makes meditation a powerful practice. For Melissa’s practice, she sits, breathes, and focuses on affirmation: “Breathe in healing, breathe out fear.”

Melissa recommends meditating for a minimum of 5 minutes. She prefers to sit for 15 to 20 minutes each day. Finding that time though, can be tough — especially for new moms. “Routines are different, Melissa acknowledges. “Look at your day. See what’s necessary, and see where you can take some time. It can be challenging to make space for yourself.”

“Add a new baby to your already hectic life and that 15 minutes could be the difference in taking a shower or not. So be realistic about what you can do daily, or as often as possible,” she encourages. “Meditation is not one size fits all.”

To give an idea of what a practice might look like, Melissa shares her routine: She starts by sitting and simply checking in with her body. This is the most powerful part of her practice. “How you approach your busy day totally depends on how you’re feeling. Checking in for just a few minutes can set the tone for your entire day,” she says. “I practice 3 or 4 postures and find my balance. Some movement in general is helpful. But breathing is most important.”

Benefits of the Blooma Meditation Workshop

Megan and Melissa offer a 90-minute meditation workshop at Blooma Nashville. The workshop includes time for meditating in several different styles. So if you’re new to meditating, you can discover what feels like the most natural, sustainable way to create your own practice. For those who’ve been meditating, experiencing different styles can bring depth to your practice.

In keeping with the community spirit of Blooma, the workshop includes time for introductions and shared intentions. You’ll receive a worksheet that includes space for reflection, journaling, and if it speaks to you, a place to write a goal or two. “Perhaps the goal is to take 5 deep breaths before you get out of bed and create a moment of focus,” Melissa explains.

Practices shared in the workshop will be adapted to the needs and interests of the group. Chanting, movement, pranayama (breathing), visualization and yoga nidra (yogic sleep) are all possible forms of meditation.

The workshop offers a greater sense of peace, tools for moving forward with your personal meditation practice, and a deeper understanding of what your brain and body need for lasting well-being. “We want people to leave with more understanding of what they really need in their life,” Melissa says. Dress comfortably, and come just as you are. All levels, from beginner to lifelong meditator, are welcome in the circle.

Get the upcoming workshop dates and register for Megan and Melissa’s Meditation Circle here.  Classes are confirmed for August 13th and October 15th. Put the date on your calendar, breathe in ease, and breathe out a soft sigh of relief. We’re excited to sit with you!