The body of research on the benefits of yoga for kids is growing like a weed. All-too-common childhood struggles with stress, trauma, anxiety, and restlessness show signs of improvement with yoga and mindfulness. So we’re excited to bring back local kids yoga teacher training at Blooma this fall! Kids Yoga Teacher Training is September 15-17 at Blooma Nashville.

Blooma Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Meet the Teacher Trainer

Habitat Yoga founder Ashley Ray has created a kids yoga teacher training that reflects her own experience with the healing, calming power of yoga. And she’s incorporated a wealth of knowledge related to childhood development, kids anatomy, and engaging age-appropriate ways to share the teachings of yoga.

In college, Ashley struggled with anxiety. She was stunned when her doctor suggested yoga and meditation — and skeptical that a yoga class was really a viable option for her healing.

But a few yoga classes later, and Ashley’s love-a-good-challenge nature had her hooked on the practice. Soon, she felt real benefits like better sleep, inner calm and greater peace.

Why Kids Yoga Works

Working in a boisterous preschool, Ashley observed kids getting super-stressed really quickly. The coping skills she learned through yoga helped her empathize and connect with the kids as they struggled to deal with their stress. Not long after, Ashley traveled to New York for kids yoga training. She immersed herself in several years of kids yoga trainings to find the most effective ways to engage kids and help them develop love of yoga and mindfulness for a lifetime. Now the owner of Habitat Yoga, Ashley brings her expertise into schools and communities with a goal of making yoga accessible to everyone.

What You’ll Learn in Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Teaching kids yoga calls for mental flexibility — a fluidity, Ashley says. Kids Yoga Teacher Training is grounded in the strong foundation of yoga poses and lessons. From there, the training cultivates the art of following the kids’ lead. Their innate creativity and natural love of learning has a tremendous impact on a class.

Tapping into your own love of yoga and appreciation for children is more important than having yoga teaching experience. For a successful training experience, bring fresh eyes and an eagerness to learn. In the Habitat Kids Yoga Teacher Training, you will learn:

  • How to teach yoga to preschoolers, K-5th grade, middle schoolers, and teens
  • Kids’ developmental stages and how yoga influences the developing brain and body
  • Anatomy & physiology, with a focus on child development
  • Yoga poses and sequences
  • Partner and group yoga
  • Class behavior management and safety
  • Yoga and mindfulness games, songs, crafts, and activities that help make yoga extra FUN!
  • Breathing exercises
  • Relaxation and meditation techniques
  • How to weave in the philosophy of yoga, mindfulness, and breath work in a way that connects with kids at every age
  • The business of kids yoga – how to structure studio classes, private sessions, family yoga, and bringing yoga into schools

Prepare for a Successful Training

Kids yoga teacher training at Blooma Nashvilles takes place over a deep, productive weekend. Here’s how to keep yourself at ease and open to learning:

  • Wear comfy clothes and prepare to be barefoot in the studio.
  • Bring your favorite healthy snacks and water to supplement the treats we’ll have on hand.
  • Plan for a one-hour lunch break each day. You can bring your own or eat at once of the several restaurants within walking or short driving distance.
  • Bring a notebook and pen to take notes and capture your ideas.

As part of the training, you will receive a training manual. We will provide yoga mats, blankets and other props you may need. Come with an open mind and an open heart as we will move, play, sing, dance and find your inner child.

Become a Kids Yoga Teacher!

Ready to complete the training you need to confidently teach Kids Yoga? Join us at Blooma Nashville this fall, September 15-17. Get details, pricing and registration info at