Core belief at Blooma Nashville? Self care is essential, and “body positive” is so much more than a trend. So we are over-the-moon happy to announce that Ander Wilson, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and Nutrition Therapist, is now part of the Blooma family! Ander offers personalized guidance to eating in a healthy way that truly nurtures and delights. She helps women create healthy, meaningful lives, without chasing diets and weight loss. Her approach includes Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size (HAES).

Meet Ander Wilson
Ander has a special interest in helping women navigate pregnancy and postpartum nutrition, disordered eating and disease management. She approaches nutrition therapy with a client-centered, collaborative focus. She operates from the belief that YOU are the expert of your body. Ander seeks to honor your wisdom, knowledge and experience, while making herself available as a resource and guide.

And she’s a gal who’s done her homework: Ander holds a master’s degree in Sustainable Food Systems from Lipscomb University, a bachelor of science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Winthrop University, and completed her postgraduate dietetics training with Lipscomb. Her past training and experience includes work in clinical dietetics, eating disorder treatment in a behavioral health treatment center, as a nutrition programming consultant, and as a nutrition professor.

What is Nutrition Therapy?

Ander is taking appointments for one-on-one nutrition therapy sessions. And that’s different from counseling or coaching. She won’t tell you what to eat or not eat, nor what to do or not do. Instead, Ander helps you make peace with food, get off diets, work through your issues, or manage a disease through nutrition with an intuitive eating approach.

Intuitive eating is the non-dieting way to eat. It leads you to tap into your body’s intuition to get clear about what foods make your body feel good. Ander helps you navigate the process.

“Society and diet culture tell you what’s good and bad,” Ander says. “My goal is to help you let go of external cues and tap into your intuition. It’s what children and babies do. They don’t have to be told to eat when they are hungry or when to stop eating.”

Schedule a session with Ander, and to get started, you’ll begin with an in-depth interview. Together, you’ll get to know your nutrition and diet history along with a true picture of your body image. Ander takes a weight-neutral approach to your nutrition therapy experience. “I don’t help people lose weight,” she clarifies. “Weight is not synonymous with health. Research shows that people who diet end up in poor health and weigh more than people who don’t diet.”

So your first session together includes a lot of questions. After that, your sessions are based on YOUR goals. Ander guides you to the solutions that work best for your body and your life: “I don’t tell you what you’re feeling.”

Why body image?

There’s a huge connection between body image and health, and Ander is dedicated to helping women explore that relationship. She wants to know what healthy looks like to you. And along the way, she reminds her clients that weight has nothing to do with this.

“When you make changes with your habit in food or exercise, focusing on weight can undermine your success. I’m adamant about putting body image into proper context. You don’t owe anyone a certain physique,” Ander says.

Full disclosure: For years, Ander actually sold a diet-and-exercise program, just like the ones she takes a stand against today. Women participated in a 12-week program, and yes, they saw success. But the pounds dropped were all short-term wins. Nothing about their health, well-being or body image improved long term.

In keeping up with the research in her field, Ander learned about intuitive food movement. “At first I thought it was blasphemy,” she says. “But then there was enough research to call it ‘evidence-based’ and I just couldn’t ignore it. I shut down a very lucrative business and created a different program that focuses on health in every size.”

Ander helps her clients look at 4 major S’s: stress, sleep habits, shame and self talk. Her biggest advice: Never restrict food. It sets up the trigger for disordered or confusing eating. “Make peace with food. Let go of the idea that food is good or bad. Food is just food. It’s not a moral issue.”

Ready to book a nutrition therapy session?

Ander can meet you at Blooma or virtually. Sessions cost $120 for 50 minutes. Package options are available, and save you 10% to 30% when you commit to multiple sessions. Bring a notebook and a pen. Come ready to talk, and be prepared to complete worksheets in between sessions. As always at Blooma, come just as you are: You are already enough! Book a session here