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Jennifer Derryberry Mann

Jennifer Derryberry Mann

Jenni Derryberry Mann opened the doors to Blooma Nashville in 2014, believing that women deserve a beautiful, warm welcome into pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. A mama, prenatal/postnatal yoga teacher, life coach, and women’s circle facilitator, Jenni also incorporates training as a doula, childbirth educator, and yoga nidra meditation guide into her work with women as they make their sacred journey into motherhood. Jenni has been part of the Blooma Inc. family from the very beginning, when she helped create the first Blooma studio in Minneapolis in 2007. At Blooma Nashville, Jenni teaches Prenatal Yoga, BYOBaby Mama-Baby Yoga, Little Crawlers & Movers Yoga, the Blooma Birth Intensive class, Blooma Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, and she leads seasonal circles for women and mothers.


Amanda Howard

Amanda Howard is excited to be back in Nashville after living 12 years in Chicago, where she has been teaching classical Pilates for 7 years. She received her certification from Frog Temple Pilates in Chicago, IL (Pilates Center, Boulder CO) and is also a Pre and Post­Natal Pilates Specialist through The Center for Women’s Fitness under Carolyn Anthony. She is a Nashville native and studied dance at The School of Nashville Ballet, Metro Parks Dance Division, and Vanderbilt University. She began taking Pilates at the age of 12 but really began to fall in love with it as an adult, where she noticed Pilates strengthening her as a dancer while keeping her balanced throughout daily life. Her passion is teaching pre/postnatal mamas the power of Pilates and what it can do for our bodies during and after pregnancy. She received her BA from Columbia College Chicago and has been dancing professionally with Chicago based dance company, The Seldoms, both nationally and internationally. She believes Pilates is truly for everybody and hopes to continue her Pilates practice until she’s 100 and feels passionately about helping others do the same!


Ander Wilson

Ander Wilson is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and Nutrition Therapist. She works with clients to create healthy, meaningful lives, without chasing diets and weight loss. Ander’s approach includes Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size (HAES). Ander holds a Master of Science degree in Sustainable Food Systems from Lipscomb University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Winthrop University, and completed her post-graduate dietetics training with Lipscomb University. Her past training and experience includes work in clinical dietetics, eating disorder treatment in a behavioral health treatment center, nutrition programming consultant, and university nutrition professor. Ander has a special interest in helping women navigate pregnancy and postpartum nutrition, disordered eating, and disease management. She approaches nutrition therapy with a client-centered, collaborative focus. She operates from the understanding that you are the expert of your body, and seeks to honor your wisdom, knowledge, and experience, while making herself available as a resource and guide. In addition to her work as a nutrition therapist, Ander enjoys spending time with her husband and son, making last minute plans with friends, and helping run @HotHealthyHabits with friend and co-founder, Amanda Adams.


Brittany Anderson

Brittany Anderson, WHNP-BC, Integrative Health Coach, Doula, received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Indiana University, Bloomington where she was a 4-year varsity athlete. She began her nursing career at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Her passion for preventative medicine then led her to the Duke University Center for Integrative Medicine where she completed training as an integrative health coach. Brittany received her Master’s of Science in Nursing degree from Vanderbilt University and is now a Board Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. Brittany has a passion for helping women reach their health and wellness goals, while supporting them through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She has attended training in mindfulness based childbirth and parenting (MBCP) and completed training as a professional doula. She is currently completing the requirements to become a board certified lactation consultant. Brittany loves preconception and prenatal coaching and education, although she enjoys working with women throughout their life span. As a Level 1 CrossFit coach, pre- and postnatal exercise specialist, and prenatal yoga teacher, Brittany advocates for clean eating, daily movement, meditation, and deep self-care. She seeks to empower women to take control of their health and create the best version of themselves.


Brittany VanHooser

Brittany VanHooser is the mother of two very spirited daughters. In her efforts and endeavors as a mom, she has learned a lot about how crucial self care is. Her passion is to assist others in maintaining great self care through massage and body work. Brittany graduated from the Natural Health Institute in 2006. She is thrilled that her journey has led to helping fellow moms and family members relax, unwind, and stay centered through some of the most exciting years in life: pregnancy and early childhood.


Christine Tarkenton

From Dallas, Texas, Christine has always had a love of staying active and as a mom, she realizes the importance even more now. With certifications from SCHWINN cycling, Yoga Sculpt, and barre & reformer Pilates, she loves leading a strong class. Christine served as a pace leader/mentor for the Dallas Running Club & ambassador for Lululemon Northpark Dallas.


Claire McKeever-Burgett

Claire first found Nia in 2003 when she moved to Austin to begin nonprofit development work and began experiencing severe neck, shoulder, and back pain. After an MRI and doctor’s visit informing her that she had “Snapping Scapula Syndrome” and that it was only treatable by massage, physical therapy, and exercise, she quickly found her way to a massage therapist who asked her, “Claire, what kind of exercise do you do?” Having only ever walked, played team sports, and run (a little), Claire told the truth, “Not much.” Her massage therapist said, “I think you’d love Nia,” and then invited her to a class. On a Tuesday evening in the fall of 2003 in a Nia studio in South Austin, Claire experienced her first Nia class and immediately fell in love. “I was galloping around a room like a child,” she recalls, “and it felt incredible. It was the first time in months I didn’t think about my shoulder pain.” From 2003 on, Claire has been dancing and practicing Nia and was trained as a Nia White Belt Instructor in June of 2008. Claire also holds a Master of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt University Divinity School and is ordained clergy in the Alliance of Baptist tradition. Serving churches in both Nashville and Louisiana and now working as a writer, storyteller, and communicator at The Upper Room in Nashville, Tennessee, Claire has offered Nia to parishioners, friends, and colleagues everywhere she’s lived. “I want people of all ages, all sizes, and all abilities to experience the joy of movement and to fall in love with their bodies, minds, and spirits again and again. This is why I teach and practice Nia wherever I go,” says Claire. It is Claire’s passion to share the joy of dance with people of all ages in Nashville.


Courtney Fabio

Courtney Fabio moved to Nashville, TN in 2011 with her husband and kitties after spending most of her life in Los Angeles, and a long history in the music business. She started working at the front desk and childcare at Blooma in 2015, and quickly grew to love the mamas and kiddos that came in every day. Teaching kids yoga became a natural progression of passion for her, and she jumped at the chance when the Blooma Nashville/Habitat Yoga Kids Teacher training was offered. She’s excited to be teaching kids yoga, focusing on an inclusive, positive narrative, and celebrating the abilities of all bodies.


Karen Kipke

Being a born Wanderlust, Karen backpacked throughout Europe and Asia. Finding herself in the homeland of yoga, Karen fulfilled a life-long dream of becoming a yoga instructor as she gained her 200-hour certificate in Ashtanga Vinyasana flow and chakra meditation at Ayurveda Retreat Hospital in Coonoor, India. Naturally, Karen’s interest of prenatal yoga peaked with during the pregnancy of her first daughter, Liliana. As Karen’s family grew so did her yoga practice. Karen traveled to YoMama Yoga Studio in Boulder, Colorado, where she earned a certification spanning the spectrum of fertility, prenatal, postnatal, Mommy & me, and family yoga. Karen is inspired by both the strength and grace of a mother. She believes in empowering mothers to live a life filled with self-love. Karen’s yoga mantra is borrowed from a quote by Barbara Rothman: “Motherhood is not about making babies, it is about creating mothers. Strong, competent, capable mothers who believe in themselves and their inner strength.” With the birth of her second daughter, Jewel, Karen is inspired to lead family yoga classes. Karen wishes to create a healthy environment for parents and children to love and support one another. A main goal of family yoga is for families to improve communication both on and off the mat.


Kate ‘Weezy’ Shumaker



Leslie Severns


Lindsay Evans

Lindsay Evans finds purpose in helping others, especially young families to feel loved, supported and empowered in their own abilities. Her mama-baby yoga classes offer a space of encouragement and non-judgment for mothers and their
newborns. Lindsay is passionate about clean sustainable living, using the philosophy of yoga to
find balance and harmony.


Marissa Reese

Megan Xidas

Megan Xidas brings the pure bliss of an open heart to every class she teaches. She also regularly blends in the sweet tones of singing bowls during savasana, for a perfectly melty meditative experience. At Blooma Nashville, Megan teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Everyone, Prenatal Yoga, Babywearing-Friendly Barre and BYOBaby Mama-Baby Yoga. For Megan, yoga is about connection and balance. She began practicing in 2004, and in 2010 she decided to pursue it with real connection. As a teacher for the past few years in Nashville, Megan has learned that she is a perpetual student on and off the mat. A lesson learned in the past year is the intentionality of prenatal yoga. Megan sees her opportunity to teach prenatal yoga at Blooma as a calling fulfilled: Teaching prenatal and mama-baby yoga, she says, is a heart-opening gift that gives her a place to offer support, strength and community to expecting mamas and new mamas. In Megan’s personal practice, she strives to seek balance and a link to a greater sense of peace. No matter where a woman is in her life’s journey or where she has been, yoga is helpful in the process of rediscovering strength and embracing her sense of self, Megan says. Megan completed her Yoga Alliance certified prenatal yoga teacher training at Sanctuary for Yoga in 2013, and her 200-hour training in 2013. She is in the midst of completing her 300-hour training. Megan loves to share her passion for yoga, and she says she is humbled to offer her time and attention to the lovely mamas at Blooma.


Melissa Hammans

Melissa stepped into her first yoga class (almost by accident) right after moving to New York. Once discovered, yoga became the leveler for what oftentimes felt like an intense and chaotic life in a city like NYC. As her practice progressed she found that it wasn’t just a choice to go to class, but a homecoming–a feeling of connection, relationship, and strength. Yoga has taught Melissa that the more we stay with the things that heal us, the richer our lives become. That happy accident turned into a nearly 15-year journey to the breath, recognizing the possibility within all of us, and ultimately meeting herself along the way. When she made the transition from NYC to Nashville, Melissa never envisioned she would be training to be a yoga teacher with the likes of Saul David Raye and Raquel Maria Bueno. As she moves back and forth from student to teacher, Melissa is reminded that we are all students/we are all teachers; regardless of status, position, training, etc. “Wow, I really wish I didn’t go to yoga today.”- says no one ever…  See y’all on the mat.


Melissa Shah

Melissa hails from NYC and instructs yoga for the prenatal community, kids, as well as all adults! Yoga found her at the age of 12 as a method to heal her childhood illnesses. Through this journey, yoga helped to form her adulthood and transformed the way she viewed her body, mind and soul. She is blessed to have received training from Nataraja Yoga Center, YogaWorks NYC, as well as Integral Yoga NYC for her prenatal teaching certification. Melissa aspires to make the practice of yoga accessible for all while still exploring the rich history and culture. She hopes for yoga to help the world access their innate bliss, their innate talents, and their innate ability to love. Her classes are innovative, emotional, and empowering.

Miranda Pool

Miranda is passionate about the power of yoga to transform and heal. Her approach to yoga is one of inclusion, exploration and inquiry: she believes that yoga is for everyone and in finding one’s own movement and expression within the physical practice of yoga. A counselor, human development scholar and special educator by trade, Miranda is interested in the intersection of yoga and mental health as well as the healing and transformative power of yoga for children and adults with mental illness, histories of trauma, special needs and varying physical abilities. Her classes celebrate the uniqueness of each person and use a gentle, introspective and playful approach that invites yogis to enter the lifelong practice of compassion and union by beginning with self-compassion. Miranda is a Nationally Certified Counselor and has her Masters of Education in Human Development Counseling from Vanderbilt University. She has studied trauma-sensitive yoga at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and has worked as a school counselor, special education teacher, preschool teacher, children’s yoga teacher and children’s theater director in Nashville, Boston and Maine. Miranda has experienced the benefits of yoga for mental health personally and is committed to sharing this amazing transformative practice with others.


Rachel Rodriguez

For thirteen years, Rachel called a Montessori classroom ‘home’–learning many lessons and absorbing pure joy and wonder from hundreds of students over the years. As a schoolteacher, she used yoga as a tool with her students. In 2013, Rachel took her yoga studies deeper, learning how to teach yoga to both adults and children. While living in Louisiana, she developed and directed a Summer Yoga/Nature camp. Rachel is dedicated to helping children to connect to their bodies, learn to follow their breath, and listen to their thoughts…and ultimately live this life intentionally with oodles of joy. Rachel is also trained as a doula and a Blooma BYOBaby Mama-Baby Yoga Teacher. When she’s not on her mat, you can find her sipping kombucha and hiking through the wilderness with her dog Lucy. She also loves to travel the world and witness sunrises.


Sarah Parkinson

In 2013, Sarah began the journey toward deepening her study of Yoga and travelled to Lago Atitlán, Guatemala where she completed her teacher training at the Mystical Yoga Farm, an experience that immensely transformed her practice and life. After returning to the states, she began to share this practice with her community, eventually expanding her training with Childlight Yoga to offer classes to children of all ages. Sarah strives to offer classes that are challenging and uplifting and free of judgement. She wants classes to feel like a joyful exploration of our bodies, respecting the authenticity of each individual, and nurturing the intuition which makes that possible.



Taylor Broggie

Taylor Broggie, Restorative Exercise Specialist-Certified Personal Trainer (RES-CPT), educates women about alignment and movement so they are empowered to take control of their health. Taylor specializes in working with moms and moms-to-be to improve their alignment for healthier pregnancy, labor, delivery and recovery. Many of the “normal” issues of pregnancy (back/hip pain, incontinence, swelling…) can be prevented and healed through better body alignment. Taylor is dedicated to sharing the tools that women need to be strong, active and pain-free during pregnancy and then throughout the stages of their life. Taylor graduated from Westmont College with a B.S. in Movement and Exercise Science, and shortly after became certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She worked as a personal trainer, and then her own health struggles led her to seek out new methods of exercising and new ways of understanding human movement. In 2010, Taylor trained with Aligned & Well founder and biomechanicist Katy Bowman and became certified as a Restorative Exercise™ Specialist. Taylor taught Restorative Exercise™ at the Body Education Alignment Center for Health in Ventura, CA, until moving to Tennessee. Taylor is honored to be part of the Restorative Exercise Institute staff and loves training Restorative Exercise™ Specialists.