“Little ones from babies to preschoolers learn about the world around them through play. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) says guided play at young ages boosts language development and spatial skills,” reports Nashville Parent magazine in the article Science of Play for Little Ones.Mom Tot Yoga Play

We’re huge fans of the research that shows “that babies and young children think, draw conclusions, make predictions, look for explanations, and even do experiments.”

Put that research into action with your little one at Blooma Nashville! Sing, dance, stretch, breathe, yoga, PLAY! Here’s when:

  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am, we offer Music + Movement for little ones 5 and under.
  • Wednesdays and Fridays, is Parent + Tot Yoga for kiddos age 1 to 5.
  • For the youngest, mommy & me yoga (BYObaby Yoga) is 6 days a week, Sunday through Friday, at 11:15am. Perfect for babies from about 6 weeks to 8 months.
  • And when the babies get to crawling and early walking (8 months to 18 months), they can bring their grownups to Little Movers & Crawlers Yoga, Thursday at 11:15am and Saturday at 8:15am.
  • Preschoolers graduate into a yoga class all their own starting around age 3: Monday and Wednesday at 4pm and Saturday at 11am is Kids Yoga — and those classes take place at the same time as a grownups-only class, so you can get moving, too.


For more insight into healthy play with your child, check out these resources:

  • Let play get big, boisterous and loud! The author of Big Body Play shares how to keep it safe and fun.
  • Not sure how to, or how long to, play with your child on your own? Aha Parenting gives great guidance on keeping one-on-one playdates short and rewarding.
  • Nerd out over the research into kids and play with this paper from Minnesota Children’s Museum.

At Blooma, we believe that well-being can be a family value and a family tie. Come check out the healthy love and laughter soon!