We are just a day away from our 3rd Annual Bellyrama! Our teachers made a list of what makes our event so special. Read it below and join us for Bellyrama, October 14th, 2017, at 10am at Centennial Park / Musician’s Corner!

I’m excited about new Blooma shirts, having my family join me for some of the day, and celebrating all the beautiful bellies that surround us – the ones that have given birth, the ones who desperately want to give birth, the ones that serve as soft pillows for their loves, the ones that are wanting to be loved, just as they are. I love that I can say to the people I invite: “If you have a belly, you’re welcome!” Cause we all have bellies and they’re just so damn beautiful. Love y’all. See ya Saturday. — Claire 

Really looking forward to yoga OUTSIDE! –Taylor

I enjoy the outdoor yoga, but my favorite thing is bringing my daughter and watching her have fun. I love seeing all these children exposed to the wonderful world of yoga at such a young age. — Leslie

The laughter, love and fresh air! –Nicci

Excited about yoga in the park and all the teachers and mamas! –Amanda

I love the yoga for everyone class! –Melissa

I’m looking forward to a beautiful day, smiling families, kids bouncing around everywhere, balloons, and everyone moving & breathing together, covering the park with a sweet sense of peace. Having my family with me to celebrate the Blooma community, and showing my daughters what it looks like to celebrate WOMEN in all stages of life! –Jenni