Workshops at Blooma Nashville are designed to be a nourishing, encouraging part of your self-care. Throughout pregnancy, postpartum, and through all of the adulting you do, Blooma workshops provide families with continued education on specific topics of interest.

These are workshops taking place in June, July and August 2018.
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Infant CPR
Learn life-saving measures for infants
Friday, July 13

Your Pregnant Pelvic Floor
Learn all about your postpartum pelvic floor and core. Get familiar with the restorative exercises that can help restore your pelvic floor, strengthen your core and address diastasis recti.
Saturday July 21

Prenatal Mama Circle
The changes of pregnancy can feel overwhelming. The unknowns can feel scary. Circle up with other moms-to-be for guided conversation & reflection to help you ease your fears and feel more confident.
Sunday, July 22

Sisterhood of Loss
Too many mothers know the heartache of a pregnancy or baby gone too soon. Gather with women who’ve been there, and honor your journey.
Sunday. June 24
Sunday July 29
Sunday August 26

Babyled Weaning
Take the guesswork out of feeding your little one. Learn the latest on when and how to introduce solids.
Sunday July 29
Wednesday August 22

Pelvic Floor Function for Women, Level 1
If you’ve ever worried about “laughing so hard tears run down your leg,” sign up for this workshop. Learn the lifestyle changes and exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor and improve your body’s function.
Saturday, July 21

Abs Before & After Birth
Find out what happens to your core muscles, how to support them during pregnancy and how to strengthen them after birth.
Thursday, August 2

BIG! Sibling Prep
Is your baby about to be a Big? Help your little one prepare for becoming a big sibling in this family workshop led by a Child Life Specialist.
Saturday, August 11

Simple Sex Ed
Teaching your child body basics now paves the way for easier conversations about where babies come from, sexuality and relationships. We help you get started on becoming your child’s trusted resource for life’s important topics. 
Sunday, August 19

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