Happy love month, mamas! Nashville serves up cold and messy this time of year, but we’ve got yoga & massage Valentine’s Specials you’ll love.

For motivation, thankfully there’s Olympic inspiration all around — like this one inspiring mama Olympian. And Valentine’s in the middle of the month is a (much-needed?!) reminder that a little romance works wonders for your relationship, your confidence, heart and soul.

Yoga & massage specials to love all month!

Get your body moving! Let your self-care be something you LOVE.

Got your eye on Blooma? Try 2 classes for $22 for new clients.

Ready to commit to YOU? Get 9 months of unlimited prenatal/postnatal/kids yoga, barre and core classes for $549. (That’s $50 off … and works out to just $61/month!) {Shop for yourself here. Gift this to a loved one here}

Sharing the gift of massage? You’ll love these

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