Happy 12 Days of Blooma Nashville!

December 5th – 16th, you can get a great deal everyday! Be well with yoga, barre and massage. Give an experience of community. Shop locally and support women’s work & community here in Nashville! We offer classes and more for prenatal, postnatal, kids, and adults.

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Here’s the deal!:12-days-blooma-color

DAY 1 — Mon. Dec. 5th — Get a $10 gift card when you make a purchase of $25 or more. Buy a pass, sign up for a membership, enroll in a workshop, training or education course, purchase an e-gift card or shop at the studio! Spend over $25 and we’ll give you $10 more for yourself or a friend! Make your purchase, then email studio@bloomanashville.com & we’ll get your gift card right to you!

DAY 2 — Tues. Dec. 6th — Take 25% off cute & cozy tops at the studio! Featuring great Blooma tanks, Ts and cardigans, plus gorgeous wraps and shirts from mama-owned Beyond Yoga. (Can’t make it in, but know what you want? Give us a call or send an email!)

DAY 3 — Weds. Dec. 7th — Get 3 60-minute massages for $150, or 3 90-minute massages for $240.

DAY 4 — Thurs. Dec. 8th — Workshop savings. Details to come!

DAY 5 — Fri. Dec. 9th — Classes promo. Details to come!

DAY 6 — Sat. Dec. 10th — Clothing sale. Details to come!

DAY 7 — Sun. Dec. 11th — Classes promo. Details to come!

DAY 8 — Mon. Dec. 12th —

DAY 9 — Tues. Dec. 13th —

DAY 10 — Weds. Dec. 14th —

DAY 11 — Thurs. Dec. 15th —

DAY 12 — Fri. Dec. 16th —

Any questions? Send us a note at studio@bloomanashville.com … we’re here to help you make the most of your journey through pregnancy, parenthood, and self-care!